Thank you! For making Global AI Bootcamp – Houston Edition a success!

What metric dictates the success of an event? We held our inaugural GlobalAIBootcamp – Houston Edition event on Saturday, and based on the number of smiles, hugs, and relationships built… I felt it was a huge success! Of course, it takes a huge amount of people to support an event…

On December 15 2018 we held the inaugural Global AI Bootcamp in Houston at Avanade’s Houston Digital studio office. Avanade was the only sponsor of this event, where we SOLD OUT and had over 85 registrants on this global event.  We had 60+ attendees show up, and this was in spite of it being a Saturday event in the middle of December!

Special shout out to our Guest Speakers:

Thor Schueler – Kicked off the day with awesome energy.

Dania Kodeih – We appreciated that you gave up family time to join us. Great overview on AI stack.

Joe Mayo – We were so lucky to have him! Professional through and through.

Kyle Hale – Always enjoy seeing him speak. Great content!

Steven Tidwell – Beware! He’s got jokes. Funny AND Smart.

Wei Hsuan Tsui and Emiline Ensley – Thank you both for exceeding my expectations. Every time I see you present, I am impressed by your professional growth. I look forward to your continued successes!

My AIFamily, SQLFamily for all of their support, guidance, advice: Laurie Carr , Ravi Kumar, Henk Boelman, Bruno Capuano, Steven Tidwell And of course, A HUGE THANK YOU to Avanade and my AvanadeFamily for helping make the event happen: Kyle Hale, Thor Schueler, Linh Nguyen, Chris Ladewig, Tanya Boucher, Nabeel Chohan

Our Speakers!

  • Kyle Hale, Analytics Leader
  • Matt Kilgard, Microsoft Director of Data Platforms
  • Alicia Moniz, Analytics/Organizer

Pic of the Day! #WomenInTech…  Emiline Ensley and I

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