[I’m Speaking!]: PASS DevOps Virtual Group

As the use of Machine Learning becomes more integrated into our Analytics core competencies, I find myself reviewing implementations and processes and asking myself … ‘How do I make this easier for next time’? CI/CD practices in Machine Learning projects is a step that is often overlooked in newly formed teams.

I am excited to be speaking with the DevOps enthusiasts @ PASS DEVOPS VG about how they can help their Data Scientists operationalize their code. Register: DEVOPS.PASS.ORG
Date/Time: Wed, May 22 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT

Azure offers the right tools and services that make the process seamless. During the session, we will walk you through a simple process of integrationg Python code in VSCode with Azure Devops capabilities. Oh, and spoiler alert, as an #AIAdvocate, I might also show you a bit of what #Azure #CognitiveServices can do!

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