[I’m Speaking!]: PASS DevOps Virtual Group

As the use of Machine Learning becomes more integrated into our Analytics core competencies, I find myself reviewing implementations and processes and asking myself … ‘How do I make this easier for next time’? CI/CD practices in Machine Learning projects is a step that is often overlooked in newly formed teams.

I am excited to be speaking with the DevOps enthusiasts @ PASS DEVOPS VG about how they can help their Data Scientists operationalize their code. Register: DEVOPS.PASS.ORG
Date/Time: Wed, May 22 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT

Azure offers the right tools and services that make the process seamless. During the session, we will walk you through a simple process of integrationg Python code in VSCode with Azure Devops capabilities. Oh, and spoiler alert, as an #AIAdvocate, I might also show you a bit of what #Azure #CognitiveServices can do!

RECAP: #GlobalAzure Bootcamp

Microsoft + Avanade: Your Partners in Continuous Learning!

Had a fantastic day at the Houston MTC, many thanks to Microsoft for hosting!  With over 270+ locations worldwide, it was great to see so many Azure enthusiasts.  Our Houston event saw over 230+ registrants!

Proud to say that Avanade also sponsored events in Toronto and Dallas… #weAreAvanade.

Special thanks to our speakers:

Tammi Warfield, GM Customer Success, Microsoft
Eugene Bekker, Studio Lead, Avanade
Adam Hems, Microsoft
John Smith, Avanade
Pete Zerger, Lumagate
John Eldridge, Silicus
Kyle Hale, Avanade

It takes a team to host an event.  Siraj Mohammad & Stephen Leuthold, thank you for owning the event with me.  And thank you to the volunteers who gave up their Saturday to make sure we had a great experience:Komal Naqvi; Corrine M. Long, Seli Ramirez, Alan M. Zigelman, Diana A. Villegas, Yash Dalal, Johnny Inthaphone, Jesus R. Gandara,
Jullian Kyoshabire, Lanre Akintade, Bart Beasley, Shaun Bedingfield, Hema Verma.

To the Global Azure Bootcamp first time speakers, future organizers … I hope you realized how many lives/careers you touched at #globalazurebootcamp.  Keep it up!

— With Zuhair Mughal, Stanley Tu, Seli Ramirez

#msftadvocate #weareavanade #sqlfamily

Resolutions for 2019: #1 Fail Faster!

We all get comfortable in life. We establish routines, and sometimes years later, we realize we are still the person we were years ago. 2018 was a year of change for me.

At the start of the year I established very clear goals to work towards and was able to check off every single one of the items on my list! My 2018 goals were:

  • Work for a top notch consulting firm – Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences delivered through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem. www.avanade.com.
  • Move from AWS to working in Azure – Azure is the future!
  • Move to a family friendly state – Texas is my new home, my family loves it here!
  • Achieve long overdue MCSE: SQL Server – As well as the elusive MCSE: SQL Server, earned both Azure/AWS Architect certs and both Azure/AWS Big Data certs!
  • Attend SQL PASS Summit, no matter what! – Rejuvenated.  Reconnected with the group who keeps me motivated.
  • Host a Microsoft Community Event – On December 15 2018, I coordinated a local edition of the globally coordinated event #GlobalAIBootcamp. Tickets to the event SOLD OUT in 3 weeks, with 9 distinguished speakers and almost 100 registrants.
  • Achieve Companion Pass Status (Southwest) – 40+ trips this year, … Boston, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Chicago, New York.  For 2019, Hawaii here we come!

At each step of the way, I’ve added friends and made connections within the Microsoft User Group Community. An open and accepting community where everyone is generous with their knowledge and WANTS you to succeed. I undoubtedly would not have been as successful this year without their support!

2018 was a great year, and to help plan for a great 2019, I’ve compiled my action items for achieving continued success next year:

  • Fail Faster – don’t be afraid to pivot, pre-determine your risk tolerance, set stop losses
  • Establish Feedback Loops – increase engagement with others, adapt!
  • Ask for Help – find others with similar goals, seek out champions… work together
  • Mentor More – community is knowledge sharing, see yourself in others… support them!
  • Smile More! – Smiles are infectious!

Find your champions.. Ask for help!    Kyle Hale, Innovation Leader

*Missing Thor Schueler, Innovation Leader     #WeAreAvanade

Find yourself in others .. Support them!  Emiline Ensley and I.

Global AI Bootcamp – Houston Edition 2019. #WomenInTech

I will keep you posted on how these actions track against my goals throughout the year. In the interim, I wish you continued success with all of your personal endeavors in 2019!

Best Wishes… Alicia Moniz



Thank you! For making Global AI Bootcamp – Houston Edition a success!

What metric dictates the success of an event? We held our inaugural GlobalAIBootcamp – Houston Edition event on Saturday, and based on the number of smiles, hugs, and relationships built… I felt it was a huge success! Of course, it takes a huge amount of people to support an event…

On December 15 2018 we held the inaugural Global AI Bootcamp in Houston at Avanade’s Houston Digital studio office. Avanade was the only sponsor of this event, where we SOLD OUT and had over 85 registrants on this global event.  We had 60+ attendees show up, and this was in spite of it being a Saturday event in the middle of December!

Special shout out to our Guest Speakers:

Thor Schueler – Kicked off the day with awesome energy.

Dania Kodeih – We appreciated that you gave up family time to join us. Great overview on AI stack.

Joe Mayo – We were so lucky to have him! Professional through and through.

Kyle Hale – Always enjoy seeing him speak. Great content!

Steven Tidwell – Beware! He’s got jokes. Funny AND Smart.

Wei Hsuan Tsui and Emiline Ensley – Thank you both for exceeding my expectations. Every time I see you present, I am impressed by your professional growth. I look forward to your continued successes!

My AIFamily, SQLFamily for all of their support, guidance, advice: Laurie Carr , Ravi Kumar, Henk Boelman, Bruno Capuano, Steven Tidwell And of course, A HUGE THANK YOU to Avanade and my AvanadeFamily for helping make the event happen: Kyle Hale, Thor Schueler, Linh Nguyen, Chris Ladewig, Tanya Boucher, Nabeel Chohan

Our Speakers!

  • Kyle Hale, Analytics Leader
  • Matt Kilgard, Microsoft Director of Data Platforms
  • Alicia Moniz, Analytics/Organizer

Pic of the Day! #WomenInTech…  Emiline Ensley and I

PASS Summit 2018 was rejuvenating!

I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to the following for their continued guidance and support:

PASS Mentors: Laurie Carr, Ravi Kumar, Mike Wall
Role Models: Cathrine Wilhelmsen, Julie Koesmarno

#PASSWIT: Rie Irish
#SQLTrail: Carlos L Chacon
#KillaDBA: Homer McEwen

See you all at a #SQLSaturday soon =)


Counting Down.. T-minus 2 days to PASS Summit 2018!

Too excited to sleep last night, its almost that time of year!

If this is your first time at PASS Summit, … check out Bob Pusateri’s post on where he’ll be and what to do while you are there… https://www.bobpusateri.com/archive/2018/11/pass-summit-2018-where-ill-be/ Lots of fun stuff, with lots of fun data people this week!

Portland SQL User Group BIML Demo – Dec 13th

Hope to see you at the Portland SQL User Group meeting on Dec. 13th.  I will be presenting a brief demo/overview of BIML.  Summary below:
How BIML Changed My Life! – An Introduction to BIML
Are you an SSIS developer who is building out your organizations datalake from multiple sources?
Or do you manage multiple SSIS packages comprised of components that do many of the same things?
Then BIML can simplify your life!
This demo will be an introduction to BIML.
Business Intelligence Markup Language (BIML) is a scripting language that allows data developers to programmatically
create SSIS packages and objects.  This demo will include and overview of pre-requisites for installing BIML components,
as well as a demo of SSIS package generation using BIMLExpress tools embedded in SQL Server Data Tools.
Tools Used:
Varigence BIMLExpress 2017
SQL Management Studio 2017
SQL Server Data Tools 2017